Review your Link Profile

Review your Link Profile: Examining the Link profile is one of the most important SEO control processes that every site will need. In this process, it is very time consuming to perform each operation individually. Using Ahrefs you can do this time-consuming process much easier.

Anchor Text Distribution

You should go back to the first Ahrefs report you created for the domain name and look at the “Anchors Cloud” section. This section will inform you about the site’s anchor text distribution.

The anchor text will usually include phrases such as open URLs, brand names, etc. Their placement is good news for your SEO work. It will be more accurate to make anchor texts from brands to increase your confidence in your mark.

If too many keywords are involved here, then you should know that you are far from doing your work in the right way.

Broken Links and Easy Gains

Review your Link Profile
Review your Link Profile

In this step you should check for broken links on your site. You should log in to the “Backlinks” section in the “Backlink profile” section of the report created by Site Explorer. You can see which links have been lost by clicking on “Broken” in the bottom part of this page.

If you navigate pages that are no longer in your site and are redirected to a new and appropriate page 301, you can remove the broken link problem and you can sign up for easy gains at the same time.

Review your Link Profile: Quick Link Control

Finally, you should perform a quick check of your site’s domain resources. On this page you can determine what the unnecessary links with low quality are.

You can start browsing the values ​​of the links you have obtained by browsing the “RaordA” “Referring Domains”

Review your Link Profile
Review your Link Profile

section created by Site Explorer. Here you should sort the links according to the “Domain Rating” or “DR” rating. It will be much easier to find low-quality links if you sort the lowest one first.

Thanks to this report, you can succeed in reviewing the links you are suspicious at the same time. You can do more extensive reviews to keep an eye on the links you find suspicious.

For now, it will suffice to find poor quality links or those created for manipulation. Especially if there are too many links from the indexes or if there are links from more than one forum profile.

If you wish to find bad links, you might consider using different guides. Your main goal should be to find the most useful links for your site by doing SEO inspections and remove unnecessary ones.

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