Regional SEO

Regional SEO refers to search engine optimizations that focus on local search results, especially for local businesses to get faster results. The reason behind this concept is that Google uses different searching algorithms depending on the location of the searcher.

You can experience the change as well. For example, suppose you are doing a Web Design search. Web Design service providers in your current location will appear within the map results even if they are not on the top 5 pages of regular Google searches.

This is because Google assumes that you may be looking for a service, and it shows the businesses that are near you on the first page who register with the Web Design statement on the maps.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the concept of regional SEO with more Turkish expressions of wondering what it is. As in the English word, SEO studies focusing on a specific geographical area can be described as Local SEO.

It is not important that the website where this study is performed is not listed on global searches or nationwide searches. The real goal is to reach the highest possible ranking of users in the geographical location where the target audience is located.

Why Regional SEO?

To answer the question of why regional SEO is done, it will be enough to compare the number of firms serving nationwide or globally with the number of local firms. As there are many more local businesses, the number of companies that need regional SEO work is more than that.

Rather than wasting time focusing on the general search results, which is a very difficult area, it is highly beneficial for many companies to get results from regional search results, which are likely to be weaker than competition.

You will also have improvements in your budget, which can be devoted to digital world work as soon as you receive successful return on local search results. With your new budget, you can revise your goals as more general searches are listed.

How To use Local SEO

  • Register your business with Maps: It’s the best first step to register with all of your information on services such as Google Maps, Yandex Maps, which will help you the most and you will be able to find many people unconsciously.
  • Sign up for Sectoral Websites: Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Zomato have been established to present and evaluate businesses from a specific industry. You can create a profile by identifying what is relevant to your industry.
  • Internal SEO Accessibility Controls: Your site’s fixed areas, such as Header, Footer, definitely need to keep your local fixed number, address, and a shortcut to send you messages. Because local calls usually require the user to contact directly.
  • Local SEO SERP Compliance: What is SERP? The link structure within your local location will also increase the potential for visiting pages as keywords and articles

Google Local Business Structured Data Marking

With the help of dataset search, which was introduced by Google in September 2018, the Dataset Schema screen features content, such as articles, art pieces, as well as a format for local businesses under the name Local Business.

If you are unable to use this tool, simply change the following code to Header section of your page by entering your own information.

Google My business

Google My business is actually a project that is implemented for small businesses that cannot build a website or want to be in the web world without investing. Even if you have your own website, registering in this area will increase your chances of designing a page where your business information is written.

You can log in using your Gmail email at so you can immediately start filling in your business information. From your phone number to your e-mail address, postal code to working hours, you can use it set all information that you want.

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