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Mobile App Design & Development


What is Mobile Application?

Mobile Applications; iOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets have become an important part of our lives. Thanks to these smart devices, which have almost every capability that a computer has, can handle almost all of our day-to-day operations like banking, reservations, food ordering, etc. While doing these things, we can play games while we handle our business, we can browse facebook, twitter, youtube and all other social media accounts, get directions, send e-mail and receive instant notifications.

Why is mobile app so important?

Web sites are now indispensable. Perhaps the most important tool that helps to be accessible, improves publicity and marketing power, interacts with customers and strengthens brand equity can be considered as the web face of the companies, the communities, the clubs, the institutions and the organizations, and even the individuals. In short everyone, who needs promoting and prestige, needs website. Websites and portals are very important for selling, making money, managing field activities and many more.

Today, with the dramatic increase of the number of smartphones and tablets, mobile apps also become as important as websites. With improvement of the mobile internet connectivity, these devices become more and more popular and useful. However, mobile apps will always have problems compared to computers due to their small and limited screen-sizes. With smaller screens it is rather difficult to experiences websites that are designed for big desktop screens. At this point, mobile applications that are redesigned and optimized according to mobile devices stand out. Flurry Analytics conducted a survey in mid-2011, revealing that 81 minutes were spent on mobile applications per day, while 74 minutes on the computers.

When we look at the 2010 figures of this data, we can see that 43 minutes is spent on mobile applications and 64 minutes on computers. It is quite remarkable that a significant increase is seen in only one year. Mobile apps have all the features that are on their website, plus many additional advantages and ease of use. In short, mobile apps get more and more valuable compared to their web sites as days go by.

Your interactions with your users are much more clear with mobile applications. Your application is placed as an icon on your customer’s phone home screen, so you can send unlimited instant notifications for free at any time. This requires much lower rate of data download for mobile applications comparing to data that needs to be downloaded when a website is used. So mobile apps do not spend too much on users’ internet packages, even if they perform the same functions as web sites.

The mobile applications are able to access and utilize the device’s GPS, camera, compass, contacts and many other features. It is very easy for your application to be found in the market. The number of institutions and organizations in the application market is increasing day by day. By existing in the mobile market with mobile apps, your brand values will increase dramatically.