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Corporate Identity Creation & Management and its Advantages

Corporate identity is the face of a company. WDM can proudly assist you to choose the right color and design patterns for your company’s right identity reflection to the world.

Corporate identity is the face of your company that appears to inside and outside world. Appropriately designed and created Corporate Identities eliminate any potential identity confusions that may arise among companies and industries. Moreover, a well-designed corporate identity enables companies to gain prestige in the eyes of customers, their target audience, and increase the prestige of among their rival companies. In addition, right corporate identities, created in an effective and memorable way, allow companies to increase their confidence by securing their positions and loyalty levels in the eyes of their customers.


Corporate Identity Items

Your corporate identity efforts contain many items, such as products’/services’ packaging, environment such as building, office and workspaces, corporate signs and boards, variety of orientation tools, exhibitions, fairs, letterhead papers, envelopes, business cards, as well as bills and invoices collected on behalf of the company, certificates issued by the company, corporate publications and reports issued by the company, catalogs, advertisements or brochures, flags, banners, agendas, promotional items such as calendar, memo pads, pens/pencils, etc.

Company’s corporate web site and other digital promotional materials must be in alignment of the company’s corporate identity.

As the concept of corporate identity shows, it deals with the image of a company in all areas. It is the most important advertising tool of the company and should be worked with experts when creating it. No details should be overseen or ignored, as they might be indispensable for the corporation when reflecting the right corporate identity strategies.

When conducting corporate identity works, the first goal should be to bring the company’s mind-set to the highest levels, since the brand awareness is the hardest earned value of trade. Professional corporate identity services help to increase companies’ and products’ brand awarenesses dramatically.

When the corporate identity study is completed, all graphic design works along with all the materials (fonts, patterns, etc.) used in corporate identity will be delivered to you both in print and computer environment. You will have the right to make print and design work on this site with the agency of your choice.

There are many important points to pay attention to when conducting corporate identity studies. The most important of these is the field where the company operates.