Organic keyword analysis; you can use the “Ahrefs” SEO analysis tool. Ahrefs Site Explorer overview report will be able to tell you a lot about the current status of your site. If you want to get a visual report about your site’s SEO status, this report will be highly useful. You can still see the most important factors affecting your site’s ranking and traffic data thanks to this report.

Once you have entered the domain name in the Site Explorer, you will need to click on the “Explore” button. This will take you to an overview report for the domain name.

You should first look at the section “Referring Domains”. It is very important that this data increase over time. Then look at the key word and estimated traffic value by going to the “Organic Search” tab.

It is extremely important that these values ​​increase as well. If there is no increase, it means that your site is moving in the same direction. Even if there are ups and downs at certain points in the data curves, it will be much more accurate to look at the general situation.

This report is especially important for new sites. Sites that want to go to heal in order can decide what changes they need to make by looking at this report. If keywords and traffic are regularly on the rise, then you can easily understand that SEO work is the result.

Going to No. 1 pages on Google is your goal

It’s not so bad to be in the 5th place for high volume keywords. When you start to line up above the site, traffic values ​​will change a lot.

organic keyword analysis
organic keyword analysis

The good news about this statement is that it will start to rise when you rank it a little better SEO practice. If you manage to implement your SEO work a little more effectively, you can get out to the top.

You should look at the high-volume keywords and the 5-10 positions along with the rapport provided by Ahrefs. You can get this in the “Organic Keywords” report section. By applying the required filters, you can find high volume keywords and pages in 5-10 positions.

Once you have implemented these filters in a convenient way, you can quickly browse through the quick acquisitions that will be achieved in a short time.

Organic keyword analysis pre-list

You can start to think about what you can do to get these pages up a little higher:

  • You should add more internal links to these pages. (I do not recommend using Anchor Text.)
  • You should try to get new links to paging.
  • You must update or re-share the content.
  • You should be sure that intrasite optimization works for the right keywords.

You can get various links for the pages you are targeting by directing the various pages that do not have much traffic on your site but have received a link to the page you want to increase the traffic volume. You should avoid doing this tactic for all pages as much as it would mean tricking these search engines.

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