Mobile SEO How to Evaluate a site query is being done; there’s no need to talk about the importance of Mobilin anymore. The addition of mobile priority indexing is now one of the most important attitudes of search engines, and with each passing year mobile traffic is growing faster than desktop traffic. For this reason, mobile improvements should now be one of the indispensable parts of your SEO strategy. You should go beyond Google’s mobile-friendly test and try to do more.

Remember to touch all the factors to get the best optimized site. You must implement a comprehensive mobile SEO evaluation on your site. If this is not long enough, the key points of comprehensive mobile SEO evaluation will be addressed. On this page you will learn many details such as keywords, user experience, content and tools to be used.

Mobile SEO How to Evaluate a Site: Mobile Keyword Strategy

Users of the nature of mobile calls perform far more different searches than those made from desktop devices. As you enter a query, search queries are shorter and contain fewer words. The basic criteria of the mobile are fast and accessible.

Mobile SEO How to Evaluate a site query is being done; In addition to preferring short queries rather than long queries, a situation called local searches emerges. People often perform mobile calls while on the go. That’s why you need a plan like a local search strategy.

Mobile SEO How to Evaluate a Site?
Mobile SEO How to Evaluate a Site?


Another important factor in mobile searches is voice dialing. The latest technological advances in mobile devices have made voice dialing more frequently available. Making your site compatible with voice search is now part of any SEO strategy.

The same is true for voice calls, even if short terms are used in mobile calls. Voice calls are made in spoken language and are usually long. If you want to be able to show presence in the world of mobile search, you should also consider this.

It is possible that you can access mobile keywords’ keywords through the Google Search Console. If you select the mobile from the devices in the Search Analysis section, you can easily access this data. Search Console data is never comprehensive, but you can simplify your research by using the data contained in it.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is one of the most important tools you need to use within your SEO strategies. Each of the features contained within this vehicle will be able to offer you data in very different ways.

It is possible to access mobile scanning errors from the Smartphone option in the Scan Failures section.

Using Fetch as Google, you can quickly add your index to your pages by fetching your pages as Google.

You can detect and correct any mistakes that search engine scanners have by looking at the way your site is viewed.

You can take a look at the Mobile Usability report to see which page has a mobile availability problem.

Mobile SEO How to Evaluate a site query is being done; there are no specific requirements for entering your site’s XML sitemap separately for mobile. If your site has sensitive design, then you do not need to enter the site map separately. If your desktop and mobile site have separate designs, you should also send the mobile XML site map to Google. Before doing so, you should be sure that the directions in your site work the way you want. If you want to put forward an effective SEO strategy, you should always remember to use responsive design.

Mobilde Site Speed

If we do not tell you that site speed is important, something will definitely be missing. The speed is extremely important, especially when it is mobile. Especially when factors such as power consumption and connection speed are taken into consideration, the value of this is better understood.

Your first stop to check your site’s mobile speed should be Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights page. Here you can find various suggestions to improve the speed of your site. You should try to consider the proposal here without giving any loss to the main view of your site.

If your mobile site speed is at the top of the list, you might consider adding an AMP plugin to your site. This technology, which means Accelerated Mobile Pages, has been developed jointly by Google and Twitter, and is a fast way to serve pages to target mobile.

Design and User Experience

Mobile SEO How to Evaluate a Site?
Mobile SEO How to Evaluate a Site?

Adding a site-responsive design is necessary to deliver the best user experience across a variety of device types. Your first priority should be mobile-priority design. It should always be your priority now that a large portion of users will come to your site from mobile devices.

In order to offer a mobile-friendly user experience, you need to consider many different factors. As a first step for this, you should consider the checklist below.

You should make the ride as smooth and innovative as possible. In doing so, you must add the size of the user’s finger, and you should always act with big fingers in mind.

You should check the content at the top of the mobile screen. You must be sure that the most important elements are here.

You should never put the window open on the mobile. Closing them is very difficult, can disrupt the user’s nerves, and at the same time slow down your site.

You should try not to use Flash in your site at all. Because Flash can solve the problem of loading on your site.

You should be sure that the videos on your site are responsive and that they fit into the screen of every device. For this you should use the HTML5 video player. This way you can make your videos easier on your site.

You should be sure that the designs are matched by looking at mobile and desktop designs.

Finally you should always test it. You should test it not just from your iPhone device or your Android device, but from both. You should look at your site on different devices. If you want to prioritize the user experience, you should make sure that your site is correctly accessible from every device.

Written Contents

It is difficult to decide how much written content will be included in your site. Within the context of SEO campaigns, we know that long content is valuable, but mobile users do not like content that has a lot of length. You can try several different ways to solve this problem.

Important parts of your site should use a few words. You should always keep long content in blog posts. You should be careful not to copy each other’s content on your site. Every content should be informative and valuable. Content on your site is important text copies that you will use for ranking purposes. The most important point is that you can achieve satisfying mobile users by referring to the first paragraph.

When it comes to mobile, everything is balanced. You can check the bounce rate of your pages to determine the amount of content you need. If users are spending enough time on your pages, you do not need to reduce the content. If users exit pages quickly, you should watch the content on your site in this case.

Reporting and Tracking

As with all digital marketing campaigns, reporting and monitoring is an important process. You need to regularly monitor your Google Analytics data and keep track of your site’s mobile traffic. The data you receive here will guide you through your evaluation work. You can make the improvements you need in this data light.

You should look at the traffic you get via mobile and look at the behavior of mobile users. Wherever valuable data exist, you should look at it and analyze it. So you can easily carry out the evaluations you need for mobile. If you’re seeing an increase in mobile users, a drop in bounce rates, and users offering more conversion rates, then you’re right.

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