Meta Description How to Write? Writing a meta description is sometimes overlooked as part of SEO work. However, writing something is usually a good thing for site owners marketers. The meta description is not a sort signal, and keyword stuffing in the main part of your content will not make it easier for you to increase your search engine results page. For this reason, marketers no longer see meta description as a job that needs to be separated.

However, the meta description has a lot of influence over potential customers because it is located just below the results of the sites in the search engine. If your expedition comes in compliance with your customers, they will be logged into your site. you might consider evaluating the following tips to write a meta description for it.

1. Do not focus on the amount of characters

Meta Description How to Write
Meta Description How to Write

Keeping the meta description in the 155-160 character range is a known and widely spread knowledge. (Now 260-300 characters) This information is true, but it is not always a rule to follow. Even if it’s important for many SEO practitioners to stay attached to the amount of characters, the point that needs to be focused is the size of the screen, not the amount of characters to be displayed. The actual length of the meta description for the desktop is in the range of 1500px-1740px.

You can take advantage of a variety of tools to preview meta description. So you can write your meta description successfully without focusing on the amount of characters.

You should also add to the account that users can use different devices. The descriptions in the search results are generally presented in a shortened form according to the width of the device’s screen.

2. Do not Copy Meta Description

Even if copy descriptions are not a quality problem for your site, it will be more accurate to leave it blank instead of

Meta Description How to Write?
Meta Description How to Write?

using the copy. In this case, Google will automatically generate the metadata description from the content. A meta description created in an automatic format will be of much better quality than the meta description that appears the same every time.

If you are not able to create the original meta description for each page on your site, you do not have to worry. You only need to create a meta description for the homepage, main category page, and most traffic pages.

If you have thousands or millions of pages in your site, you can create drafts that you can only change a few key words to create a new meta description.

3. Do not forget to use keywords in context

You should try to use the most accurate keywords in the meta description, especially regarding the content of the page. A lot of people can do very well in this regard. What you need to focus on is to use key words that customers can search for.

If you do not use keywords in the meta description, search engine scanners will show the most relevant keyword in the first search, in search results. Even if you do not see clearly the key word you are looking for in such situations, you can still see a key word that is relevant to it.

4. Do not write boring statements

You can think of a large collection of clothes, shoes and design accessories. Does this collection excite you, or is it rather boring to you?

Writing a meta description always requires creativity. If you want to come to the fore in the eyes of your target group, there are some simple steps you can take in this case. You can try to create a meta description by taking the following tips into consideration.

You must be selective in your offerings. It is not easy to tell your opening page in a few words. However, if you want to write a meta description that is as focused as your competence, you can give a few examples of proposals you offer.
You should have your customers wonder. You should avoid presenting all the cards in your hand to the table. Sometimes a simple question or an unfinished sentence can attract the attention of the customer. In this case you can make them reach the site.

Meta Description How to Write
Meta Description How to Write

You can use symbols or numbers. Other characters besides letters can sometimes attract the attention of the user. Here you should try to use numerical values ​​such as a price or a product quantity. In addition, you can try to attract the user’s attention by using symbols in the meta description.
You can include a sparkling message. Maybe it’s a bit of a subjective option, but you should not read more in your meta description or include aggressive action-oriented messages like buy-it-right. Instead of using different words like exploring, you can ensure that action-related messages are included in the meta description.

You should talk about them, not about yourself. This is one of the most important rules about writing texts and you should not pass this rule. Even when writing short explanations such as meta descriptions, you should keep this in mind. No one cares about how good you are, what you give them is what you offer.

5. Meta Description How to Write? Do not Be Lazy

Be lazy and start creating meta descriptions as soon as possible. Creating a meta description is much easier than you think. Google’s guides can help you with basic information.

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