Google Site Speed and Punishment Control: Panda and Penguin algorithms are embedded within Google’s basic algorithms. They are now acting in real time. However, you can use the following method to determine if your site has been penalized in the past.

The sudden drops in your site’s traffic values ​​could be a sign that Google is sanctioning your site. Using the free tool called “Panguin” you can get rid of examining individual traffic values.

Punishment Control
Punishment Control

Sign In to Analytics

Once you visit the Panguin tool provided by Barracuda, you should log in with your Google account.

Select Your Site

Once you have logged in to your Analytics account, you should select the Analytics account for the site you want to review from the menu on the left.

Punishment Control

Once you have made the necessary selections, you will see a graph of organic traffic from your site. This chart will show different colors according to Google updates.

Panda, Penguin, etc., you can more clearly see the data in the graphic. The only thing you need to be aware of here is the reduction in traffic that corresponds to the algorithm updates.

Check Site Speed

Site speed is one of the most important ranking factors for Google. Even in some studies it is stated that the scanning speed is more important than the loading speed of the site.

It is a fact that sites that are opened quickly provide better experience with users. Then you need to make sure your

Punishment Control
Punishment Control

site opens up quickly. You may need to make various changes to the site and the server to ensure that your site opens quickly.

The first tool to check your site’s speed is Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool. Just type in your URL address on the site line and press the “Analyze” key. Google will offer you a speed score for mobile and desktop versions of your site. In addition to this speed score, you will find various improvements that you can make on your site.

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