Google Penalties: Looking at the top level, there are two different types of punishment in the form of manual penalties and algorithm fines that the sites may encounter. Manual penalties A review by a Googler of a site is conducted after review, if the site is in violation of Google guidelines. Algorithm-related penalties apply if certain signals in Google’s algorithm are activated. The first thing to do before you do something to find a solution. To any criminal sanction is to determine what kind of punishment is being taken.

Google Penalties: Manual Penalties

If you think your site has been sanctioned, your first job should be to check out Google Search Console property. If you have a property on this platform, you will receive the necessary notices if you are punished. You should note that this applies only to manual penalties. The notice sent to you will include guidelines on why the sentence is to be implemented and what to look out for to get rid of it.

Once you have identified the penalty that your site has received, you can switch to the cleaning phase. Links should

Google Penalties
Google Penalties

check and clean. If there are errors in structured data you need to clean them, you should clean them is infected with malicious code to your site. After you perform the cleanup process, you must request Google to reconsider. Here is why you are being punished and what you can do about getting rid of it is clearly explained. The reason for your penalties is that you have to prove that you were dealing with everything from the beginning in your previous SEO work. If you want to remove the punishment of your site, the most important qualities you will need are responsibility and honesty.

If you have received a reconsideration request and received a negative answer, you should not give up. This means that you need to work a little deeper in your studies. You should be a bit more careful in your cleaning work and you should resubmit the reconsideration request text. You can benefit from the various templates that have been prepared in this topic.

Google Penalties: Algorithm Punishments

This part is much more challenging. If a site receives an algorithm penalty, you will not receive any notifications from Google. You have to examine everything and examine it. Then you need to find out which direction of the algorithm affects you.

Google Penalties
Google Penalties

You do not need to request reconsideration because you did not receive any notifications from Google because of the algorithmic penalty. Comparison guessing algorithm that applies penalties to the site SEO experts were working to speed up the recovery process by starting the cleaning process of the site.

Over the years, Google has made Penguin, which controls the quality of the link, and Panda algorithms. Which control the quality of the content, as part of its main algorithm. These algorithms often refreshed because they are now having to wait for the next algorithm update to see the impact of the work done as before. Before these two algorithms were transformed into a part of the main algorithm. 1-2 years had to pass before they started to show the effects of the work done. For this reason, in the case of an algorithmic punishment, even if the cleanups were completed, the sites were affected by algorithms for a much longer period of time.

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