Google Ad strength Indicator

In the past few weeks, Google has announced the integration of Google Ad strength Indicator after updating for Adwords ads. This integration is intended to provide user convenience in the creation of the new structure of the advertising campaign.

With Google Responsive Search Ads, users were able to use 3 different variations and create 2 different main text options. However, after these changes, users were in contradiction with the appropriateness of the ads they created.

Complaints about the lack of orientation to learn whether new campaign content areas are being used properly were not insensitive. The Google Ad strength Indicator warns you about the correct placement as you fill in the advertiser fields.

Google Ad strength Indicator Still in BETA Version

The Google Ad strength Indicator is currently available in all non-active BETA version ads. Already a search engine giant wanted to test with the BETA version of these situations.

Trying to obtain a fully usable version for sensitive search ads based on complaints or suggestions from users. Almost all BETA users are in the same situation; the first update on the complaint came to this field as well.

The update includes a counter that fills in percentages as you fill in the text fields of your ad campaign. The closer you are to 100%, the better your ad campaign will be.

Local Advertising Campaigns Get Better Results

The vast majority of users who want to shop online continue to prefer sales points in their living space. In this sense, even if you are a global sales company, you can get more recycling than sales made with the help of various branches or suppliers.

Now, giant companies have begun to evaluate the effectiveness of the work planned for the local target group. For example, if the SEO work advertised for our own industry will be advertised, selecting the Miami SEO keyword with the physical presence will produce more positive results.

Although it does not consider this criterion in vehicles such as the Google Ad strength Indicator, it is a criterion that advertisers should consider.

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