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E-commerce sites are much different than other sites. They involve differences in SEO work to be performed for. Although some basic qualities are the same, e-commerce sites have very different aspects in terms of SEO. Especially when the market of E-Commerce sites is different, each site needs to be handled separately.

If you are doing SEO work for an E-Commerce site, your first job should be to avoid certain mistakes, taking into account the essential qualities. A few of the mistakes that hold back your e-commerce site are mentioned in this article.

  1. Copy Content

Copy content is a problem that preserves its existence since its existence in E-Commerce sites. If you have never preferred to perform copy content inspection by now, you can probably have copy content. Especially if your e-commerce site is a market model, this is inevitable.

If you have not controlled which e-commerce platform you use, and you have not checked your site for copy content, then you have a problem that seriously affects your rankings. How knowledgeable you are in SEO will not change much.

Think of it as a big brand in your hand. You may have sent texts to promote your different store products to promote the products of this brand. These texts are usually the same and do not change. Using the same content on each site for the product you have sent to three different stores will result in the problem of copy content.

Others who will have the highest authority over the sites using the same content from the manufacturer will not be able to compete with it. Moreover, it is not even possible to compete on the first page.

Such content problems are one of the most common problems for e-commerce sites. If you are selling products and the same products are also included in other E-Commerce sites, you should not use content from the vendors. Even big brands can choose this way, but they are starting to lose rank when they get a gear competitor in the search engines.

With custom product descriptions and design templates, you can accomplish this problem. When e-commerce sites are very large, it may not be possible to write a separate description for each product. In this case there is a traditional rule that you must follow.

This rule is called the Pareto rule. According to the Pareto rule, 20% of invested entrants are responsible for 80% of the results. You should try to update your product pages with original content that have high performance and are more satisfying than others. So you can get extra productivity from your SEO work to be able to convert and get it.

However, this is not the only copy content problem that E-Commerce sites have experienced.

Another frequently encountered copy content problem is related to URL parameters. If you have created separate URL parameters for different colors of a product, this copy will cause you to have a content problem.

Although this type of copy will not cause you to experience very serious problems with the search results, each parameter will take some of the authority value of the primary product page. Over time, these losses will accumulate and damage your site, and the average ranking of your site will fall due to the Google Panda algorithm.

If you do not want to experience this type of content problem, you should try to use the rel = canonical tag instead of replicating the URL parameters. This allows you to highlight a single page by showing that pages of different colors are associated with the primary page.

  1. High Performance Content Pages

Offering extra search engine traffic for additional content on your site is one of the most important strategies that have been endeavored to get results. By implementing a strong content marketing strategy, you can maximize your

E-commerce sites
E-commerce sites

search engine traffic in the long run. You should not take it out of your mind that this may take a while.

In some cases, a poorly implemented content strategy can lead to the opposite result. Any content on your site that is incompatible with the existing structure will cause your site’s search results to be much worse. This problem arises much more than you might think in E-commerce sites.

When you review your E-Commerce site, you should pay attention to the content of the content relative to the products. Too much of this ratio will reduce the amount of authority the site has on search engines. This high content rate problem, which may be caused by low quality content, will lead to an inefficient use of the site’s screening budget.

If you find and remove these pages in your site, you can succeed in upgrading your site’s search traffic. However, the occurrence of such a problem should not mean that areas such as the blog part that you are constantly creating content must be removed. You should never touch the blog part of your site.

To add content to your site, simply avoid adding content. You need to develop a strategy in search engines to produce content that will give you authority. Proper content does not always mean you have bad content. You may face this problem if you do not develop a strategy that suits your site while creating content.

The content you create is a bit tricky and often needless. You should ensure that your content page is correctly communicated to the authoritarian’s search engines by your content page.

While reviewing your content strategy, you should try to improve them rather than remove existing pages. Unsuccessful pages that do not pass appropriate signals to search engines will often perform much worse than others. You must change these pages to be appropriate for their purposes.

You can create a powerful content source by aggregating weak content from different pages in one place. By doing keyword research and taking into account your technical SEO work, you can get the most out of this effort.

Once you have finished your remediation work, your first job should be to remove the pages that do not work. In particular, you should make sure that the following types of pages have been removed:

  • You should remove pages that are not sources of your current search engine traffic.
  • You should remove pages that do not get any links from external sources.
  • To obtain authority, you should remove the relevant pages that are relevant pages.
  1. User Generated Content

The contents created by the users are like two sharp swords. These things work. Wikipedia is a place where content is created by users and is at the top of the search engines. Amazon’s success is similar. Amazon has strengthened itself with comments from users.

The content created by users also has a bad side. When the Google Panda algorithm was first released, eBay ranked 25th in the list in the ranking of sites with Moz’s top search result list. The low quality content created by eBay sellers or users has been the biggest factor in this loss.

How do you combat user-generated content? First you should look at the user comments. Recent research reveals that organic search traffic has increased by about 30% thanks to comments made by users.

It is not possible to know which criteria provided this increase. There are many different factors, such as star ratings in search results, Google’s ranking by user comments directly, or user behaviors. Once you start using user comments, you can be confident that you’ll be getting more positive signals to Google.

If you are able to take positive steps on such signals, you can get much better results from search engines. By adding user comments on the site, you can greatly improve your presence in the search engines.

If you think that user comments will damage your brand’s reputation, you should know that this is the last thing you should consider. Whether you believe it or not, the star ratings are a lot more varied than five star ratings. By restricting certain authorizations to user comments, you can prevent comments from unknown sources. If you can respond well to the criticism, you can make your site perform much better.

One of the most important situations you need to keep in mind while trying to get user comments is to ask the user for it. The investigations show that people do not like to comment as long as they are not asked to do so.

E-commerce sites
E-commerce sites

What is the bad part of content created by users? You can think of the example of eBay and Wikipedia. The contents of both were created by the users. Wikipedia has failed to survive while standing up in the Panda update.

The critical point here is the process. Wikipedia ensures that content is passed through various processes in order to maintain quality. This process can help to protect the qualifications of a particular profession, even if it is not enough to please a knowledgeable professor in his field.

If you want the quality of the content created by users to be of good quality, you should ensure that there are administrators who can control such content on your site. Content created by users can work on every E-commerce platform. When you offer voting content for someone else’s content, you can ensure that the quality of the subject matter is much greater. You can develop a similar system for your own site, taking into account Amazon’s “most helpful comments” feature.

  1. Improve existing pages with keywords

This change is one of the changes that all E-Commerce sites need to implement within a certain period of time.

Keyword research is one of the important factors in SEO work. Generally, this research phase can be ignored for certain reasons. Especially when it comes to pages that are available and do not work very well, it seems that they have not been prepared without a keyword search.

To improve these pages, you can switch to a process that consists of the following steps:

Sign in to Google’s Keyword Planner tool and enter the product’s URL. Then switch to informative keywords and enter the words “who”, “what”, “when”, “where”, “why” and “how” for the terms needed. This step should be applied to blog posts and similar content. It is not a very convenient method for product pages and other types of landing pages.

Start by analyzing your keywords in a tool like SEMrush or a similar tool and watch them compete. Continue on your path by identifying key words that you can compete for in terms of competitiveness.

Identify the top performing pages for the targeted keyword by searching Google for “site: domain keyword.” You can identify the pages that perform best on your site for that keyword in the search direction.

You can discover what kind of information people need in related topics by doing a “inurl: forum” search for your keywords. Forums are one of the most important points to start the research. You can learn what kinds of problems people are experiencing through forums. By doing this kind of research, you may have information about the searches that may be of interest to those who make purchases.

You should start updating content that you have for the search queries you have. You should ensure that the headings are in the foreground and that the content is capable of responding to the problems of the users. If you can find a solution to the problem of a buyer, it will be much easier to convince them to buy it.

E-commerce sites
E-commerce sites

You can try to evaluate the current page improvement process in almost every area of ​​your SEO work. This strategy works and results in many conditions. You should only do this on a few pages that are not only on your site, but on all pages that you want to highlight in the site-wide view.

Using this process, you can use your existing pages to make high-traffic traffic when you’ve been able to improve with the data and authority that Google has given you the opportunity to reward You have used words. You can also get these keywords not only from Google’s Keyword Planner tool but also from other useful tools. In addition to these, you should also remember that you can perform keyword research by handling your competitor URL.

Another important problem that e-commerce sites have experienced with keywords is branded appear in key words. Many product pages are created with product and brand names. This kind of trouble can be experienced. You do not need to remove this information. If you do this you will have made a huge mistake. However, in addition to branded information, you must incorporate key words that may not be related to the brand or product model at the same time, but may be related to them. Although using keywords with high quality for clarity is much more valuable to meet the needs of users, you can strengthen your hand with this kind of approach. When you implement this approach, you can ensure that users who are not performing the branded search can find you.

  1. Bad Internal Link Structure

There are usually quite a few products on E-Commerce sites. For this reason, it is not always possible to reach a specific page using links in the site. This will affect users’ browsing experiences on the site, but at the same time it will make the PageRank value go through the pages. If PageRank has a problem with page-to-page navigation, you might have a page authority problem that you want to have a good ranking in search engines. If you think you have a problem like this, you can try to get a better performance on return on investment by fixing your site’s bad link architecture. Ensuring that the Link architecture is controllable should be your top priority.

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