Analyze Search Traffic

Analyze Search Traffic: Undoubtedly, the most important goal of implementing SEO audit is to upgrade site traffic. For this reason, it is very important to see the current situation in terms of site search traffic. You can instantly access your site’s existing report using Google Analytics.

First you should review your site’s current search traffic.

From the day your site begins to broadcast, you should now switch to Acquisition> Overview> Organic Search to begin reviewing your report. It will be sufficient to look at the amount of sessions that the site receives on a daily basis.

In the same report, you should look at the “Landing Pages” section to find out what pages have the most search traffic. If you see too many pages in the landing pages, this will show that your site is quite healthy.

Finally, you should try to review site traffic on a weekly basis. You should check for any ups and downs in any way between the weeks. You should especially remember that seasonal changes may occur depending on the products you sell on your site.

If you do not think there is a seasonal change and there are sudden ups and downs during the week, then it’s almost certain that your site has been punished by Google. You need to make the necessary checks and regulations accordingly.

Get Data From Google Search Console

Google Search Console will provide you with many different data sources that your site will need for SEO control.

Analyze Search Traffic: See Scan Errors

First you need to check that Google does not detect any crawl errors on your site. You can check the data there by logging into the Scan Failures tab in the Scan section.

Analyze Search Traffic
Analyze Search Traffic

You can see that Google usually makes mistakes for 404 or 403 pages. 404 errors will be related to pages that have been removed from your site. In this case it would be much more accurate to point the removed pages to similar pages or category pages.

Thus, you can maintain the link values ​​that pages have. In case of 404 error, these link values ​​will be lost. You must prevent these values ​​from being lost by making the necessary referrals. If you have 403 errors on your site, you should thoroughly investigate how Google finds them.

Check HTML Enhancements

By switching from the Search View section to the HTML Enhancements section, you can identify copy titles and metadata descriptions that Google has detected. In this page you should be careful that the data provided to you is very small in terms of copy content.

If you have already reviewed your site’s screening data, you may be familiar with this information. But it will be much more accurate to check it a second time and see what and what is in Google’s eyes.

If you have done everything so thoroughly up to now, you can now begin the examinations you can make using Ahrefs. After that you should remember that you must have an Ahrefs membership for the examinations.

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