Over the years, the elements that provided positive user experience and transformed at the same time have changed significantly. About ten years ago, brilliant ads, beautiful looking ads and navigational texts attracted great interest. However, today’s users are considered to behave much more intelligently and begin to enter sites using ad blocking plugins.

You should no longer use ads that do not work for conversion. Instead, you need tried and tested methods, messages that users may want, and much better structured conversion strategies. In a way you have to understand human psychology.

A landing page is a page that can be used to convey the desired message to the person who will visit the site, and has multiple pieces or elements. Even if you leave one of these elements missing, it significantly reduces your chances of conversion. For this reason, you should understand what elements or elements should be included in the opening pages.


The headlines tell you if the visitor who visited your site is on the right page. The headlines are one of the important elements that will encourage the visitor to take an interest and read it. The titles you use should not be the same as the title of the page, but must consist of search terms and key words.


The design of the page has a significant effect on the conversion rate. It can even be regarded as the most important factor that provides the conversion rate. There are many different psychological factors you need to get help with when designing. With these factors in mind, you can make your landing page stronger.

Human Power : People pay attention when interacting with human faces on the pages they visit. The faces of the people who will be placed on the opening pages may have the effect that they can link to the visiting page. By bringing this effect one step further, you can achieve the psychological orientation of the visitor by interacting with products and human faces.

The Significance of Lines : When you are carefully editing, you can determine where people should look at the next step. Arrows and lines are elements that are followed by people because people have the desire to follow the lines from beginning to end. Using directional arrows is one of the ideal steps to prioritize an action-driven message.

The Significance of Interpretation : Interpretation is an important attribute that should be evaluated in terms of designs. If you have something you want to put into the foreground while creating your page design, you can do it in stark contrast. By choosing a color that will contrast with the color scheme of the page design, you can foreground the action-spelling message.


The content allows you to interact with the target from the caret and the target. Your content will show the requested effect as long as you can respond to the questions in the mind of the target group.


In general, you may not want to have too much content on the page. People are more fond of uncomplicated pages. For this reason, you should not include genre content that will confuse their head. The important thing is to create genre content that people can easily read and read while streaming.

Various tests and tests have shown that certain types of content are more effective than others. People do not like to lose or miss something. This is one of the ways that advertisements are magical. The information given in the advertisements is rather limited, but at the same time it is impressive, so people search to find out more. You can use it on similar landing pages.

Messages that can provide direct information to the visitor or provide the desired style are highly influential. For example, it might be an ideal way to specify a reduction in the portion of the landing page that the visitor will earn.


The human brain is focused on reducing costs. This could be to lower the cost of a product or to get rid of a choice while filling out a form. Research shows that unnecessary information options on shopping forms reduce conversion rates.

After shopping, you should try to get as little information as possible from the person switching to the payment section. You should remove the options from the forms unnecessarily. If you provide the visitor to turn into a customer, you should remember that you can learn much more than that.

Action Message

Many people are obsessed with moving around without spending time. For this reason, opening will be able to provide you with the results you want to get on the action messages on your page. You need to include an impressive call-to-action on the landing page you need to do and support it with interactive content. The person visiting the landing page will be able to switch to the next step you are targeting on this page.


Every page must include an action-by-action message. If you think that more than one option will increase your chances of conversion, you’re wrong. Such a strategy will not do anything other than to confuse the mind of the visitor. Simplify the action message and try to outline it. Make sure your site performs the step that you are targeting.

Control Competition

Looking at the pages of your ratios is an important initiative in order to win the opportunities you miss. Your opponent may have a much more impressive design than you. You can improve your own page by getting ideas from the page of your opponent. Controlling competition is an important opportunity to improve brand awareness and promote your brand to a better position.

Taking advantage of specific tools and analyzes is very important in this point. Checking the landing pages, knowing what people tend to show and improving your own page can make your landing page much more successful.

Successful design of the opening pages, length of the headlines, the nature of the call-to-action and the level of interaction of the content are important elements to control.

Eye Taking

Eye-tracking is an important method you can use to see where people who visit your site look. Using this method, you can decide where to place your content and the image that will support it.

When you use this technology on your own page, you can more clearly determine if the placement you are doing is good, what kind of arrangements you need to make, and what focuses on your site. You can create a new strategy that will make your strategy much healthier.


You need to perform bidirectional tests to make measurements. Bi-directional tests require you to use different versions of the landing pages. You create two different landing pages and show the pages to the visitors in random order. You can learn which pages get better results over time and make the pages that you can get the best result by making the necessary layouts a fixed landing page.

You can perform the necessary bidirectional testing by changing elements such as page layout, design, language and words used, font and font size, length of titles and titles, and amount of content.

If you want to interact on the internet, you should improve your landing page. Even if you do not see the amount of conversion at very large rates, even the smallest amount of tweaking will help you achieve successful results. You will need to edit the landing pages as necessary to improve them and get the best conversion.


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