7 Factors That Cause Your Google Ordering Lost
7 Factors That Cause Your Google Ordering Lost

7 Factors That Cause Your Google Ordering Lost: As the Google search engine becomes stronger and its algorithms become stronger, SEO becomes a much more relevant approach to user experience and content. It is much more likely that you are now exposed to Google sanctions. Another meaning of this is that you lose traffic and you fall back on the line. For similar reasons, it is also possible for users to penalize you. This means “high bounce rate”. Poor quality content, non-user-friendly design, confronting Google and strangling users with ads is a result of these penalties.

Even if you are beloved that you have done everything right, sometimes it is not possible to go up in search. This is an indication of a problem. The factors listed below are the best known of these problems. For each one, some tips are shared in order to overcome the problem. By taking your steps correctly, you can make your site a better place on the search engine.

  1. The site is not optimized for keywords

Keyword optimization does not mean you have to fill your site with keywords. The ideal situation is to improve your site for specially designated keywords. When you go to fill your site with keywords, the only thing you will get is a Google penalty.

Keyword content should be easily detectable and crawlable in your content. If your content does not have this quality, it will have no effect on your work. This is a problem in itself, the texts in the content should be searchable by search engines. Adding texts as a picture or graphic will not give you anything.

The key words in the content, including the order of importance, should be included in the heading, H1 and H2 title tags, paragraphs, and meta description. If you think Google is not adding keywords anymore, but the meaning of words, you might have a far different perspective.

By using the words that express a certain thing, you must add the words that have similar meanings to the account. You should use both the related word and other words that have similar meanings within the site. When you do this, you can make it easier for Google to identify and categorize your site.

The most commonly used words can be subheadings, words with similar meanings, and synonyms. That way you have covered all the uses of a topic as Google has valued, and you have added a lot of value to your account.

  1. Kidnapping Search Engine Scanners

If Google does not regularly crawl your site, it’s natural to lose your search ranking. If you leave this to Google, you will prefer to scan your site after a few weeks or it will wait a lot longer. New sites or sites with new improvements are not immediately scanned by Google. You have to tell them your presence in some way and have your site scanned.

The search order determines the search order according to the information provided by the Google search engine crawlers. The meaning of your site not being scanned is that your site is not included in the sequence. If your site is seldom crawled, it’s still a problem, because in this case your site will think it’s rarely updated and it will push you to the background in order.

You should make sure that your site is being scanned regularly by search engine scanners. In order to do this, you can consider the following factors.

The slow uploading of your site, or server errors associated with it, are complicated by SEO and delay your site being scanned. The problems that you will experience after this situation are the middle. Search engines’ browsers will not prefer to visit your site.

You should keep your site up to date. No matter what your site is about, you should definitely have a blog page. With this page you can keep your site up-to-date and let search engine scanners come to your site often.

  • It may be useful to get a link, but you should pay attention to the attributes of the link.
  • You can request your site to be scanned by joining Google’s Search Console tool.
  • You should create a site map and start clearing it from the mistakes.
  1. Panda’s Effect on the Content

7 Factors That Cause Your Google Ordering Lost It is not possible to stop Panda from influencing your site. The

7 Factors That Cause Your Google Ordering Lost:
7 Factors That Cause Your Google Ordering Lost:

moment you find the opportunity, it will affect your site. Whenever Google gets a Panda algorithm update, the sites start to change in traffic values. If you have content that is short, shoddy, and duplicate, Panda will act immediately and will not only affect the content, but also the site that it contains.

Algorithm updates are not passed directly to site owners. If your site has significant drops in traffic values and you’ve heard of a Panda update coming up recently, this may be the reason for losses.



  1. Determination of Poor Quality Links by Penguin

If Panda helps Google to identify poor quality content, Penguin does the same in terms of links. If your site contains too many unnatural and poor quality links, it is possible that your site will be punished by the Penguin algorithm. Crimes are not limited to poor quality links. If too many links are taken from a source, this also means criminal reasons.

Links are still useful and useful. However, if a link is being obtained from a place, it should be linked to the sources without any problem in terms of relevance and suitability. This is one of the most important factors determining the quality of a link. Links will not be useful to you unless they are of good quality.

As mentioned in the Panda algorithm, you will not receive a notification when an algorithm update is performed. If there are significant reductions in your traffic values ​​and a Penguin algorithm is announced in the near future, this may be the reason for the decline.

Clean the links and wait. You should wait for a while when you are punished by the Penguin algorithm and wait for the effect of the penalty to come to an end. However, in general, the reason for the fall in traffic values ​​is related to more than one factor. In order not to be confronted with such a landscape, you must have a natural link profile. This is the most important way of not being affected by the penguin update.

  1. Understanding Top Heavy and User Experience

7 Factors That Cause Your Google Ordering Lost Our fifth item: Top Heavy is known as the algorithm that targets the user experience. This algorithm evaluates by considering the specific settings of the sites. Google’s algorithm is aimed at sites that contain content in the middle of ads and affect the user experience negatively. If the user encounters a stack of advertisements as soon as you open your site, it is possible for your site to be penalized through the Top Heavy algorithm.

7 Factors That Cause Your Google Ordering Lost:
7 Factors That Cause Your Google Ordering Lost:

If you start to experience significant declines in the traffic you get as a result of change, then the Top Heavy algorithm might be your target. When the user experience is low, it is unlikely that your site will be valuable and that it will get as much space as search engines.

Classic user experience rules will keep you away from the penalty of this algorithm. Having good site design and facilitating user navigation with menus helps your site to have a much better user experience.

  1. Your site is not mobile friendly

Nearly half of Google’s traffic comes from mobile sources. Mobile-friendly sites are now a form of requirement. If your site is not mobile-friendly, this will not affect your direct traffic values, but it will affect the user experience. A low user experience means that search rankings and traffic values ​​are falling.

It’s not enough that your site is mobile-friendly, because at the same time, quick site launch or easy navigation should help the user. To ensure that your site is mobile-friendly, you must first have a mobile-friendly design. You should not keep this backwards, as search traffic is now a big part of mobile.

  1. Google Employees Do not Love You

7 Factors That Cause Your Google Ordering Lost our last item: Google does not just punish sites with poor quality and poor content through algorithms. Googlers may penalize you manually when they detect such sites. If you do not want to encounter such situations, you should stay away from duplicate content, poorly written visitors, duplicated content, and content that adds no value to the user.

If you have received such a penalty, you can find the necessary information in the Search Console. Such penalties often indicate what is bad or needs to be corrected. By doing so, you can make your site much better and get rid of the punishment.

Remember that you need to develop your content, and you need to know that you do not need to wait for algorithm updates to stay in the way of manual penalties.

If you do not have search traffic on your targeted keywords, you may need a serious SEO job in general. The problem may be individual links, design or content, or all of them. Regardless of the problem, what you need to do is create a user-focused approach to ensure that your site is fully on track. Google will not penalize you if the user experience is your priority. However, you can have good call order and low bounce rates.

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