Creating e-commerce stores is quite easy. But it is difficult to carry out their care and to keep up with certain principles.

For beginners, a few basic principles need to be mentioned. Being search engine and user friendly, being innovative, aesthetic and functional is a necessity. But there are many more things to do outside of them. In particular, you need to focus on e-commerce availability.

Start your ecommerce store based on the five important rules below. The following guidelines will guide you in creating a successful ecommerce design .

Keep Driving Simple and Functional

This is the simplest rule. Think about the user experience when you visit a site. Can you easily find what you’re looking for? Can you easily get what you seek and buy? If you can not do all this easily, then you have visited a distressed address in terms of user experience.

Complexity transformations are ruining. The more cramming and menu, the worse the categorization is, the more online shoppers will enjoy the shopping they are doing or the less satisfied they are on the site. You should make your menus and navigation options simple and easy.

Finally, you should take care not to escape so much. You definitely need a menu. Limit the menu on the top of the site to three or seven titles, sub-menus from three or fewer numbers.

Too many navigation options do not give you anything. Instead, you should make sure your options are clear and understandable. Limit the tags to a few words that you will use in menus and clearly state where the user will reach. It may be appropriate to use words that seem trendy and fun, but you should consider using these words as long as they do not make your menus easier to use.

Even though the use of fun phrases seems appropriate for men, a great deal of online shoppers enjoy simplicity. If you use these words, you may lose your potential customers. You have to be careful about this.

However, users can now take into account the use of symbols embedded in their memory. For example, an arrow pointing to the left may mean that they will return to the previous page. In this regard, you should improve your work and apply as much as possible to the user’s favored methods.

Finally, you should make sure that the menu options you create work. Each label you place in the menu must contain the appropriate page orientation. Pages 404 should not give a mistake. One of the most important elements that users do not like is such mistakes. You have to be careful about this.

Use Linear Flow

Bring your minds to sites you’ve shopped before. Have you been directed to a page where you automatically receive suggestions for your shopping cart after shopping on any site?

The shopping process has to consist of simple steps. You go forward or you come back. It’s that simple. There should be no navigation, a new shopping page, or a shopping cart.

Be open to the mistakes that may occur when the shopping is complete

Ensure that the user does not get confused about errors that may occur during the shopping process or during shopping. Describe each error as clearly as possible. Failing to complete an exchange and not knowing exactly why can make the user angry at short notice. If this happens, the user will not choose you for the next purchase.

You should identify the error messages as clearly as possible. You have to keep up with the language your client is using, and you need to put in place statements that meet their needs. You should offer these messages to the user in a remarkable way. For this reason, you might consider making the error message of the error messages differs from the general color of the site.

The places where error messages are placed are also important. In general, the next step, which requires approval, is to place it under or next to where it is located. An error message to be placed at the top of the page may not be visible to the user or may be difficult to see. What you need to do is send the message to the user in an open form.

 Improve Page Load Speed

Almost a quarter of the users who visit the site are leaving the page if a page does not open before four seconds. Everything is a matter of waiting and patience and internet users are impatient.

Mobile users are a bit more patient than normal internet users. Mobile users have a very good time to open a page, such as 10 seconds on the site. However, mobile users are often avoiding a second chance at sites that have not been opened during this time.

Late opening of your site or uploading of pages is possible if you spend a lot longer than necessary and you experience a heavy drop in conversion rates.

Time means money, and customers do not like waiting. It can take just a few seconds to lose a sale. For this reason, you should be sure that your e-commerce site is definitely a good server.

Converting Aramabs to Automatic

Finally, make sure you have a search option on your site. Some people can come to your site knowing what they’re looking for and they can easily find what they’re looking for with menus. But some may want to search and discover new products. They will leave your site when they can not do it.

Enhance your site’s search feature with the auto-complete function. This function, one of the functions Google uses, allows you to automatically complete a word after you start typing a word in the search box. So you can increase your potential sales and experience a significant increase in conversion rates.

Bonus: Perform A / B Test

This is the way to follow if your e-commerce site is successful. You should never leave your job to chance. You should check your conversion numbers and the high bounce rates that the pages have.

A method that works for one firm may not work for another. Beyond that, a method that works the past year may not work this year. For this reason you should always test the methods you will apply. You should try to do A / B tests for this .

A / B testing means testing two different concepts for randomly selected test samples. The tests you will perform when you try to test two different landing pages will be covered.

For example, if you send an email for marketing purposes, you might consider sending the same email with two different headers. This may be necessary in order to determine which one is more interested. In addition, you can easily determine which headline works if you have more e-mail opening and a target sticking rate.

When you do different side-by-side experiments, you have the opportunity to identify the best ways your brand can work. A / B testing is not a method that can only be used for e-mail experiments. You can apply these tests for your home page, for your shopping cart, or even for product descriptions.

By taking advantage of the following tools, you can make testing easier and more efficient. Apart from these tools, there are more advanced tools that you can use. But for a good start these tools are enough.

Google Analytics Content Experiments

It’s a free solution from Google. With this solution you can test five different versions at the same time. In this solution, you can set a percentage of the average number of visitors to join the account, but the percentage of the visitors will participate.

This test method can be useful if you are suspicious of negative reactions to the elements you are testing. It might be useful to limit this to a particular set of rigs instead of presenting all of your customer base test elements directly.

In addition, you can specifically specify which aspects of your site or site pages you want to test. You can receive notifications by e-mail about results and performances.

With the advantage of being a Google-provided method, you can easily and free-perform tests using your Analytics account.


Unbounce is an ideal tool for testing pages and sites. Since Google’s free solution includes technical elements such as a number of code snippets, you may need someone who is technically interested in these issues.

Unbounce is an important tool especially used to test the landing pages. You can test email campaigns, custom URL redirects, and more. But the tool can only give you the possibility to test the pages. You will not have the opportunity to test the site in its entirety.

This tool allows you to interact with several different tools. You can use this tool by integrating with Google Analytics. However, there is a feature in the vehicle that allows you to create a landing page.

The option to create a landing page is very user friendly and is a useful feature for first time users of A / B testing. But Unbounce is not a free tool. It has a usage fee with prices ranging from $ 49-199 per month. Features and functions can change prices. If you can afford this fee, you might consider using this tool for A / B testing.


When you enter Optimizely’s site you are presented with an analysis option. With this analysis option, you can access your site’s address and see what it can do for you.

Optimizely is a tool that is easy to use. However, you may need to consider getting some help from your scheduling team, or you may need to have programming knowledge. The tool generates a one-line code and requires it to be appended to your site.

There are different data used by the platform. You can have the opportunity to interact, click, convert, register, and track other metrics you define. You can schedule your tests and have the ability to automate them.

You can make your tests specific to a specific set of visitors. Optimizely can interact with many different analysis tools. Thanks to the graphical user interface, many people who are technologically distant can easily design test pages.

The pricing policy of this vehicle is applied as monthly payment. Prices start at $ 17 per month, up to $ 359 per month.

These are the tools that work for the three tools mentioned here, and offer you a variety of testing possibilities. You can use the tool you want according to the test level you need. If you do not need extensive testing, you should know that you do not need to pay extra for advanced tools.

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